Playback via alsa sink in pulseaudio 15 fails with assert failed

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We are running pulseaudio 15 and during playback through paplay, pulseaudio is exiting with assertion failed.

Error is like below:

D: [alsa-sink-Swmixer7 playback Pulse audio pcm6-6] alsa-sink.c: snd_pcm_writei: Resource temporarily unavailable

E: [alsa-sink-Swmixer7 playback Pulse audio pcm6-6] alsa-sink.c: Assertion 'err != -11' failed at ../git/src/modules/alsa/alsa-sink.c:512, function try_recover(). Aborting.


This error exists even after adjusting the fragment size and fragments.

 It's working normally in pulseaudio version 9.

FYI after commenting the assert in alsa-sink.c line no 512, playback and all other functionality works fine.

module-alsa-sink is loaded in as below:

load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:0,6 mmap=0 sink_name=pcm_output fragment_size=4096 tsched=0 fragments=2


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