Re: Can pa_stream_write be executed at the other thread ?

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On Sat, Feb 26, 2022 at 01:14:12AM +0800, su wrote:
> My application is to play a single stream with pulseaudio  Asynchronous API  based on "Main Loop - A minimal but fast implementation based on poll()."  implementation  .  I am going to set up an independent thread for pulseaudio context and the related stream setup and I would like to use "Polled" model instead of "Asynchronous " model to feed the audio raw data . 
> The point is : data is transferred  with  pa_stream_write() at "Polled" model at the other thread.  Namely , at the other thread ,  both  pa_stream_writable_size()  and   pa_stream_write() will be executed from time to time . Will it work ?

There is some useful information about thread safety in the docs here:

The short answer is that you must use locks to prevent concurrent calls
to the pulse APIs. It is not safe for two threads to execute calls to
pa_stream_write() simultaneously.


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