Re: set media.role for VMware client

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Am 2022-01-24 07:29, schrieb Sean Greenslade:
On Wed, Jan 19, 2022 at 05:36:10PM +0100, sben1783 wrote:
BUT: it doesn't "uncork" when my phone call within vmware is done. I think this is supposed to work..? My media player just stays muted forever. Any hints here? Where would I have to start looking to possibly find details
why it doesn't unmute the media player?

I'm assuming you're using module-role-cork for this.

Yes, at least that's what I am think being new to this issue:)

If I had to guess at the issue (not being a VMWare user myself), the
vmware client might be holding open its audio stream indefinitely once
initialized.  You can check this by starting and ending a call, then
looking at the list of current sink inputs:

$ pactl list sink-inputs

Again you guessed right, the stream stays open until I finally close the vmware session. As you asked above whether I am using module-role-cork: is there any alternative I could use that would work even with the stream staying open? Like based on actual stream usage or so?


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