Re: Make paired (but not connected) BT device available as sink?

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On 02.01.22 12:32, Josef Wolf wrote:
Hello all,

is there any way to make paired (but currently not connected) BT devices
available as a sink? The autodetect finds only connected devices and the BT
modules don't seem to have any options to specifically create a sink e.g. by
its MAC address.

Background of the question: for Libreelec on RPi4, I want simultanous output
to HDMI-TV and to some BT-Speaker. I can achieve the desired behavior by
connecting the BT-speaker and then executing:

  pactl load-module module-udev-detect
  pactl load-module module-combine-sink slaves=alsa_output.0.hdmi-stereo,bluez_sink.A4_77_58_02_93_FB.a2dp_sink

Once those commands were successfully executed, I can switch the BT-speaker
off and on and PA catches up without any noticeable problems.

Unfortunately, those commands will NOT work from boot-scripts, since
module-combine-sink will error out complaining that the BT-sink is not

Any ideas how to work around this?


if you load module-combine-sink without the slaves argument, it should
add newly appearing sinks automatically to the combine sink.


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