pulsectl with pulseaudio 15.0

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Hello all,

I am using the pulsectl module to interact with the pulseaudio C API from my
python application.
This worked fine with pulseaudio 14.2 and previous versions but I can't get
it to work with pulseaudio 15.

Upon debugging the python code I found out that the state callback (assigned
with pa_context_set_state_callback() ) gets called with a CONNECTIONREFUSED
error right after the pa_context_connect() function is called.

I built and installed pulseaudio from the git repository like this:
>meson -Dbluez5-native-headset=false -Dbluez5-ofono-headset=true
-Dbluez5=enabled -Dx11=disabled -Dalsa=enabled -Dtests=false ./build
>ninja -C build
>sudo ninja -C build install

In the release notes I did not see anything related to the C API. Did I miss
something there?
Do I need to configure something differently?

Best Regards

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