Re: Correct User Setup on an Embedded Device

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On Fri, 24 Jul 2020, at 8:29 AM, jtharkey wrote:
> We're trying to get away from running PA in system mode on an embedded 
> device because of performance. We have the problem that our app must 
> run as root, however. Right now I'm doing this:
> We have two users on the system, root and the app's
> The app's user logs in and runs PA
> The app's user sudos the app to run as root
> This works great except it breaks bluetooth audio support. Is this the 
> correct way to go about this or do we need to change our approach?

Are you working with very low latencies, or such? And have you been able to measure a performance improvement in user-mode?

Because outside of low latency use-cases, I'd expect the memcpy() overhead on most modern systems is small enough to not be a deciding factor.

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