Does the HSP/HFP bluetooth profile sound like this?

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Title: Marionetas Mey

I have a Sony CECHYA-0076 with a TPLink UB400 Bluetooth. Finally I could connect everything  to use as a sink/source device. Tried recording to Audacity, creating a module-jack to put inside it and, the simpliest way to test it, creating a loopback module to "hear what I talk" inmediatly.

I read everywhere that the HSP/HFP is not a good sound... but every bluetooth microphone using this profile sounds as terrible as this? I tried everything (*) to improve it, but with no success. Please, hear attached file or click on

So, if this is normal audio quality for HSP/HFP... who was the person that allowed this profile to be available? It's completely unacceptable.

Here is my question in StackExchange:, but I think that it has no possible answer. I mean, there is no way to improve what was created like that.

Sincerely, I don't understand.


Mario Sottile - Director
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