Re: [PATCH v4 0/2] KTD2026 indicator LED for X86 Xiaomi Pad2

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On Wed, 6 Mar 2024, Kate Hsuan wrote:

> This patch added the support for Xiaomi Pad2 indicator LED. This work
> included two parts.
> 1. Added the KTD2026 swnode description to describe the LED controller.
> 2. Migrated the original driver to fwnode to support x86 platform.
> Moreover, the LED trigger is set to bq27520-0-charging for Xiaomi Pad2
> so the LED will be turned on when charging.
> --
> Changes in v4:
> 1. Fix double casting.
> 2. Since force casting a pointer value to int will trigger a compiler
>    warning, the type of num_leds was changed to unsigned long. 
> Changes in v3:
> 1. Drop the patch "leds-ktd202x: Skip regulator settings for Xiaomi
>    pad2"
> Changes in v2:
> 1. Typo and style fixes.
> 2. The patch 0003 skips all the regulator setup for Xiaomi pad2 since
>    KTD2026 on Xiaomi pad2 is already powered by BP25890RTWR. So, the
>    sleep can be removed when removing the module.
> Kate Hsuan (2):
>   platform: x86-android-tablets: other: Add swnode for Xiaomi pad2
>     indicator LED
>   leds: rgb: leds-ktd202x: Get device properties through fwnode to
>     support ACPI


I took the patch 1/2 now into pdx86/review-ilpo where it will propagate 
into pdx86/for-next.


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