Re: [PATCH v4] platform/x86: add lenovo generic wmi driver

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On Wed, Mar 06, 2024 at 04:17:43PM +0800, 艾超 wrote:
> > I would be interested on which devices this driver was tested and is
> > expected to work with.
> Lenovo A70,it is a Computer integrated machine.

Could you mention this in your next commit message?

Do you have any idea on which other devices this should work?

> >> This looks similar to a switch.
> >> Would it be more useful for the user to report a standard switch
> instead
> >> of a key event which needs to be correlated with the sysfs file?
> > I agree, maybe SW_CAMERA_LENS_COVER might be the right thing to use
> here,
> > if those camera states (open/closed) are meant to symbolize camera
> shutter states.
> > In such a case the initial switch state has to be retrieved, or else
> the input device
> > cannot be registered until the first event is received (similar how
> the hp-wmi driver
> > handles SW_CAMERA_LENS_COVER events).
> > Ai Chao, can you tell us if those two camera states are meant to act
> like a switch (camera switched off,
> > camera switched on) or meant to act like a key (camera button pressed,
> camera button released)?
> The camera button is like a switch.  I can used SW_CAMERA_LENS_COVER to
> report input event , but the OS
>  can't to show camera OSD. OS need a key value  map to the camera OSD.

Why can't the OS do this?

The switch should report its value.

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