Re: hp-wmi: info hotkey has no keycode or scancode

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Am 20.01.24 um 19:58 schrieb Dennis Nezic:

Guys, the "info" illuminated touch-key (hotkey?) on my laptop "doesn't
work", showkey doesn't report any keycode or scancode. I don't see any
wmi related error messages from dmesg. All the other illuminated
"hotkeys" work fine, although confusingly evtest and "libinput
debug-events" report that they're coming through the event interface
associated with "AT Translated Set 2 keyboard" instead of "HP WMI
hotkeys", but hey, as long as I receive them I'm okay :p.

hp-wmi.c does seem to reference it:
   { KE_KEY, 0x213b,  { KEY_INFO } },

How can I go about troubleshooting this? (I'm using kernel 6.6.8)


it can be possible that you machine does not use hp-wmi to deliver keycodes
to the operating system, but instead emulates a standard keyboard controller.

Can you check with "kacpimon" that events concerning a PNP0C14 device are being

Armin Wolf

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