Re: change (spoof) originator phone number in outgoing call using pjsip/pjsua

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You need to set From header when you are registering an account. As far as I know there was no other methods to set From header (I tried it 2 years ago).

пт, 24 июл. 2020 г. в 22:07, <r.b.muller@xxxxxxxxx>:



I have PJSIP/PJSUA running on a raspberry pi. That works ok, I can use my external sip provider to call out.


Since this will be part of a disabled person alarm system later, I want the caller number the call recipient sees not to be the

standard number provided by the sip provider, but an arbitrary number so I can program the receiving phone

to always ring on that number with a custom ring tone, irrespective of general setting on that phone. These are standard

functions on iOS and Android phones.


I hope that explanation makes sense.


The question is how to set the outgoing originator number in pjsua.

All instructions I found reference Asterix, and I do not want to run that.


Advice will be highly appreciated.



Met Vriendelijke Groet, Regards,


Rob Muller



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Visit our blog:

pjsip mailing list

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