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Or, must my code maintain 2 SIP dialogs, and coordinate the SIP commands/responses sent to each leg?  Does PJSIPUA2 help with coordination of these two dialogs – or am I forced to go to a lower level in the PJSIP project to create a B2BUA?



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Subject: B2BUA with PJSIPUA


I’m investigating building a simple B2BUA using PJSIPUA2.  I am VERY new to PJSIP, and still learning SIP concepts.


From the docs I can see how PJSIP makes a call, and answers a call.  But how can PKSIP bridge these together to form a B2BUA?  If it’s a simple 10 lines of code that would be great, but even pointing me to the right SIP concepts and PJSIPUA2 methods would be very helpful.



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