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Hi All,


Could anyone reply to my query below.





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Subject: PJSIP Client sending request on same connection


Hi All,


Hoping for a solution. Your help will be appreciated.




PJsip client sends SIP requests on the same TCP connection


Setup details 


I have pjsip client service which sends request to SIP servers on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) installed on same VPC.

In between these 2 components we are introducing "Internal TCP load balancer". Basically we wanted to load balance the TCP traffic(SIP Messages) from pjsip client to different SIP Servers sitting behind the load balancer as depicted in the diagram below.





Since the pjsip have single transport created and hence the request goes on the same connection to Load Balancer ip-address. Load balancer balances the traffic based on the rule “Client IP, Src port and protocol”.. Since any request coming from PBX1 pjsip client will always be having same ip-address and the connection is also same.. all the requests for going to one SIP Server. Because of this we are not able to load balance the traffic to other SIP Servers


Could any one suggest me how I can create different connections for each SIP session created by same PBX pjsip client (PBX1).







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