--wth-ssl is required for cross compilation

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when using OpenSSL in cross compiling we just took care to no include --disable-ssl in configure options. Unfortunately OpenSSL support gots disabled automatically even though --disable-ssl was not set, due to cross compiling. There is an additional check for --with-ssl, that must be set when cross compiling, see

    dnl # Do not use default SSL installation if we are cross-compiling
    if test "x$ac_cross_compile" != "x" -a "x$with_ssl" = "xno" -a "x$with_gnutls" = "xno"; then

This is different behaviour then I would expect from documentation (configure --help):

   --with-ssl=DIR          Specify alternate SSL library prefix. This option
                           will try to find OpenSSL first, then if not found,
                           GnuTLS. To skip OpenSSL finding, use --with-gnutls
                           option instead.
  --with-gnutls=DIR        Specify alternate GnuTLS prefix

As we are already setting correct sysroot paths for cross compiling by exporting LDFLAGS and CFLAGS accordingly before calling configure, we do not need/want to set some specific path in --with-ssl - the build system should rather search in the path already given through LDFLAGS/CFLAGS (actually the --with-ssl flag is nothing more than just adding LDFLAGS and CFLAGS). I therefore would recommend
to have two independent options:

--disable-ssl for activating/disabling it at all --with-ssl for giving an alternate path where to search for SSL library (that option should be optional at all).

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