pjsip2.9 crash issue: Randomly app crash on hangup action in pjsip 2.9

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        i have build pisip 2.9 with android-ndk-r18b for arm-v8a & armeabi-v7a. after successfully building pjsip2.9 for this two ABI then i have open pjsua2 sample project in android studio. then make sip registration the sip registration and call is working file.  but some time app crash on hangup action. following code for  hangup.

CallOpParam prm = new CallOpParam();

the currentCall is my call object.

also i have attach log you can check for more understanding. 


 17:37:50.965   pjsua_call.c  Hangup all calls..
    17:37:50.965   pjsua_call.c  .Call 0 hanging up: code=0..
08-08 17:37:50.966 25491-25505/com.inextrix.astppdialer I/System.out: 17:37:50.966 sip_transactio  ....Unable to register CANCEL transaction (key exists)
    17:37:50.966   pjsua_call.c  ..Failed to send end session message: Object already exists (PJ_EEXISTS) [status=70015]
08-08 17:37:50.974 25491-25505/com.inextrix.astppdialer I/System.out: 17:37:50.973   pjsua_call.c  Call 0 hanging up: code=0..
    17:37:50.974 sip_transactio  ...Unable to register CANCEL transaction (key exists)
08-08 17:37:50.975 25491-25505/com.inextrix.astppdialer I/System.out: 17:37:50.975   pjsua_call.c  .Failed to send end session message: Object already exists (PJ_EEXISTS) [status=70015]
    17:37:50.975       call.cpp  pjsua_call_hangup(id, prm.statusCode, param.p_reason, param.p_msg_data) error: Object already exists (PJ_EEXISTS) (status=70015) [../src/pjsua2/call.cpp:681]
    --------- beginning of crash
08-08 17:37:50.975 25491-25505/com.inextrix.astppdialer A/libc: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0x7 in tid 25505 (ervice.Executor)
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