Re: Crash when adding a video to the call (with ICE)

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Hi Janusz,

I tested it here with the latest trunk version, adding video call with ICE, and it seemed to work fine.
Which PJSIP version are you using and can you forward us the PJSIP log?


On Fri, May 31, 2019 at 4:25 PM Janusz Kolarczyk <januszkol@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In scenario:
UA 1 calling to UA 2. After connected UA 2 is trying to add video.
After call pjsua_call_set_vid_strm(callid, PJSUA_CALL_VID_STRM_ADD, NULL); i got crash in func create_ice_media_transport section "/* Create ICE stream transport configuration */"

It is caused because m is NULL after this: m = call_med->call->async_call.rem_sdp->media[call_med->idx]; and next line: c = m->conn? m->conn : call_med->call->async_call.rem_sdp->conn; is causing crash.

m is NULL because call_med->call->async_call.rem_sdp has only one media and call_med->idx is equal to 1. 

Any idea? Am I doing something wrong? Or it is a bug?

Best Regards
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