Crash when adding a video to the call (with ICE)

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In scenario:
UA 1 calling to UA 2. After connected UA 2 is trying to add video.
After call pjsua_call_set_vid_strm(callid, PJSUA_CALL_VID_STRM_ADD, NULL); i got crash in func create_ice_media_transport section "/* Create ICE stream transport configuration */"

It is caused because m is NULL after this: m = call_med->call->async_call.rem_sdp->media[call_med->idx]; and next line: c = m->conn? m->conn : call_med->call->async_call.rem_sdp->conn; is causing crash.

m is NULL because call_med->call->async_call.rem_sdp has only one media and call_med->idx is equal to 1. 

Any idea? Am I doing something wrong? Or it is a bug?

Best Regards
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