Re: Re: CHAR field with charset UTF8 and COLLATION UNICODE_CI_AI or UTF8PHP is loading white spaces

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But VARCHAR fields work correctly. Problem only in CHAR.

And it should not be gambol, because
"Each UTF is reversible, thus every UTF supports lossless round tripping:
mapping from any Unicode coded character sequence S to a sequence of bytes
and back will produce S again."

2016-11-22 11:21 GMT-02:00 Lester Caine <lester@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> On 22/11/16 12:58, Delmar Wichnieski wrote:
> > Since there was no answer here on the list, I was feeling alone and
> afraid
> > and wondering why no one else has this problem.
> Delmar I must apologise as I HAD posted a reply, but it did not actually
> go through ... list in bounce emails mode which I missed ...
> The simple answer is that strings in PHP are not UTF8 so the 'bug' you
> are listing is actually that we need to make sure that the single byte
> buffer for a string is long enough. To ensure UTF8 strings to be handled
> properly since PHP6 is not going to happen, we have to transfer the
> simple php strings to mbstring objects. UTF8 is a gambol in PHP if it is
> going to be transferred properly as a simple string variable and will
> give string length as bytes rather than characters ...
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