Re: Re: CHAR field with charset UTF8 and COLLATION UNICODE_CI_AI or UTF8PHP is loading white spaces

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On 22/11/16 12:58, Delmar Wichnieski wrote:
> Since there was no answer here on the list, I was feeling alone and afraid
> and wondering why no one else has this problem.

Delmar I must apologise as I HAD posted a reply, but it did not actually
go through ... list in bounce emails mode which I missed ...

The simple answer is that strings in PHP are not UTF8 so the 'bug' you
are listing is actually that we need to make sure that the single byte
buffer for a string is long enough. To ensure UTF8 strings to be handled
properly since PHP6 is not going to happen, we have to transfer the
simple php strings to mbstring objects. UTF8 is a gambol in PHP if it is
going to be transferred properly as a simple string variable and will
give string length as bytes rather than characters ...

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