PDO and SAP HANA prepared statements issue

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I have a working connection from PHP to SAP HANA through PDO and regular
ODBC commands.

The issue is that through PDO I can not get any prepared statements to
work. None of the notations (?, $, :) work. The response from the server
(fetch) gets me empty field values for all selected columns and if I try
fetchAll the PHP script runs out of memory.

ODBC commands actually work with the ? and colon ($) notations. But not
with colon (:). I suppose this is due to the lack of named parameters
support in ODBC commands (haven't actually confirmed that though). The $
notation brings me the closest to named parameters because a specific
number can be repeated.

For example:
"SELECT * FROM dummy WHERE col1=$1 AND col2=$2 AND col3=$1" works.

However it is not ideal. I would like to know if anyone has any experience
with SAP HANA and I can offer my help and participation in order to debug
the possible problems with PDO<->HANA connectivity issues (in regards to
prepared statements).

BR Aleš

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