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I've spent several hours - at least 7-8 - working with you on this latest project. As you know it has morphed from one "problem" to another in the course of days. Yes - miscommunication on your part which you took responsibility for. That happens. I even had a whole new pair of working scripts tested out and ready to send to you when you informed me of this snafu. But - when you took the functional, working example scripts that I wrote and previously gave to you and turned them into something unrecognizable and non-functional I realized that I am helping the blind. You don't know the least bit about html structure. You don't understand how to code in 3 different "languages" at the same time and make them readable, workable, and maintainable. You also don't understand how to diagnose your problem and present it to this community in a way that's fathomable and understandable to someone who has no clue what your overall goal is. Sure you may want to include the whole g..d... script at this point, but again, that's not what you want to do. You need to debug, to isolate, and to work hard at getting to the root of your problem and then, and ONLY THEN, come to others with your request for help. Present a clearly manageable and functioning piece of code that you feel is the problem area and ask for help on it.

It is also clear to me that you cannot see the forest for the trees when it comes to designing and developing your programming solutions. After our miscommunication and the alteration of your solution from one involving an ajax call to obtain data "behind the scenes", two days later you post a request for help on exactly that thing.

Your latest plea for help was *impossible* to look at from the outside and help you with. You had the same repeated statements in it. You even had a loop executing twice in it - what's up with that? You throw pieces of your coding attempts at us that clearly don't fit together and expect us to make something of it.

And lastly - you just don't get it. You are dealing with a forum of people who have a better understanding of the things you are trying to grasp and yet you persevere in blaming us for not helping you. This is not the first time you have complained about that. And yet you haven't learned from it.

For the last time ( on my part at least), LOOKAT THE SCRIPTS I GAVE YOU. STUDY THEM LIKE YOU WOULD A CHEMISTRY BOOK. THIS IS THE WAY YOU SHOULD LEARN TO CODE. From this point forward adopt *that* style of coding until you can morph it into your own style (which everyone has). Only at that point will you be able to converse knowledgeably with the people here of whom you are asking for help. Karl has clearly told you the same thing yet you took it with offense (as I'm sure you will this letter). Think - there is a reason behind our harshness. We could have just laughed ourselves silly and ignored your posts instead of putting time and effort into trying to interpret and help (when possible) and be faced time and again with the same clearly unmanageable contexts in your confusing posts.

You can choose to ignore this blatantly punishing post and call me whatever you wish. I just could not ignore your silly rejoinder to the latest criticism of your attempt at coding. I'm sure you regretted hitting Send almost immediately.

And one more thing - I realize that you are so very proud of that 'PhD' at the end of your name. Well, I'm sure I can speak for many of us here - it means nothing. Painfully obvious when you demonstrate such woefully poor computer skills that have not changed one bit in the 6-8 months that I (and others) have been reading and responding to your posts. Besides - it's a degree in Chemistry. It's of no use here and I would think it's an embarassment to you by now that you continue to tout your academic prowess yet do not show the slightest bit of improvement as a student of PHP.

By the way - Fortran is nothing like the kind of involved technology that you are attempting to work with now. Why do you keep pointing it out? Many of us (older folks) here probably wrote Fortran at some point in our careers - do you think any of us remember the first thing about it? Or use anything gleaned from it in today's world?

Sincerely, seriously, and known for holding no punches,
Jim Giner

ps - if you want my unsent, last attempts that I mentioned, drop me a line. Or not.

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