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Berko Bubu wrote:

You should not use double quotes around column names. Try to use backtick
operator instead:
Don't know if that solves the problem, but it's atleast good practice.
Second, do you really need firebird database?
It's pretty outdated database, and there are much better alternatives.
It's an existing system, so i can't change it.
I have tried with firebird 2.5 and same result.

The value stored right. I have seen it in FlameRobin, ISQL, etc
And when i use native native lib (ibase_connect,ibase_prepare,ibase_execute) i get right value.
Maybe is it a bug in pdo_firebird driver ?

This is possible ...
Have you tried the other options to PDO::FETCH_ASSOC ?

I've not bothered with the PDO drivers as the Firebird one can't cope with two-phase commits cross database, and I know that others have found the restrictions imposed by PDO prevent things working well in older style Firebird Applications.

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