PHP file creation problem - ownership

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Hi, I've come across an odd problem which I've never had before. 

I've got a domain, with multiple subdomains. everything going OK with all my FOPEN / FWRITE commands.

Now, I've started a new subdomain, and come across a situation where the PHP script "owner" is different from the owner of the subdirectory, and I cannot write to that folder. 

$log.="USER '".get_current_user()."'\n";

As I said I've never had this prob before & my other scripts do not bother with checking/changing ownership. 

I've Googled and can see how to change the owner of an EXISTING file. However, how do you change the owner of a file yet to be created - so it's the same as the file structure and allow upload?   

PS I am the *ONLY* FTP user for this account/website.



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