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Greetings, gordonisnz@xxxxxxxxx.
In reply to Your message dated Monday, September 5, 2022, 10:55:02,

> 1) Does anyone know of a good PHP Smarty forum?  There was one, but
> they took it off & went to Reddit - Gone downhill since then (very few
> people transferred)

Most of the active users are moved there. So, feel free to ask your questions.

> or can i ask my smarty questions here? (not many folks may use smarty ??)

> 2) Question:-

> I know how to assign values within a template:

> {if !isset($HIDEMAINMENU)}{assign var="HIDEMAINMENU" value="0"}{/if}

> however, does anyone know the correct way of assigning (or retrieving)
>  sub-arrays?

> (PHP) $myarray["animals"]["movies"]["settings"]["trees"] = 5;

Very first, you don't need "assign".

> How do I set it to do the same thing with smarty:-  the only examples
> i can see, assign NEW arrays (not assigning new keys/values to an
> existing array)

You can go as far as

    {$v= $v + ["Title" => "x"]}

> Or

> How to assign a sub-array value  to a $temp  variable (not an array)

> When I try the obvious things - i get all sorts of errors

Which errors, specifically?

And on a side note, your request is strange.
Why don't you do it at the PHP side? You should not write your business logic
in Smarty.

Sincerely Yours, Andrey Repin <anrdaemon@xxxxxxxxx>

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