Purpose of include_path

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I can find get_include_path(), set_include_path() and I see (commented
out) include_path settings in php.ini in both Arch and Debian. What I
don't see is the purpose of this config value. What does it point to?
I'm trying to run php scripts in my ~/paulf/public_html (set up through
Apache), and it won't run them, giving me an error of "Failed opening
required 'name-of-file' (include_path='.:') in Unknown on line on line
0". The script I'm attempting to run just contains "<?php phpinfo();

So any clues on the purpose and meaning of include_path and how it
might apply to this problem?


Paul M. Foster
Personal Blog: http://noferblatz.com
Company Site: http://quillandmouse.com
Software Projects: https://gitlab.com/paulmfoster

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