php preg_match_all - exclude some matches

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Hello. Is this php group JUST for development progress for PHP ? or
can we ask questions here ? it's the only PHP forum I'm on.

I've used preg_match quite a bit, but am unfamiliar with preg_match_all.

Ive not started yet, but I'm going to design a script with a 500Kb
input  text-file, which i want to use preg_match_all on.

Q. i guess 500Kb in a HTML form in $_POST format isn't too much ? Is it Ok ?

In development, I'm going to scan through the data/array & see the
lines Ive captured for possible exclude text, but even looking at the
raw data, I see lines I want to EXCLUDE from the results.
In the live version, I'll use it but have some excluded patterns.

I have these example lines I want to exclude. (inner patterns).


Q. Is there a way to use preg_match_all to extract text by an outer
preg criteria, but if the extracted text also matches one of the
chosen inner-patterns, it is NOT included in the results.

Can I do this in one go ? Or will I need to do a foreach loop in the
results to exclude / remove any unwanted sub-patterns after.

I'm not sure yet, but I expect the "wanted" text to be 10-20% of the
original text.



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