Re: How can I replace $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] in PHP 7.0?

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On Tue, 14 Sep 2021 09:30:48 +0100, Ashley Sheridan <ash@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>> 1. curdir: /data/25/2/158/91/2484743/user/2721122/htdocs/log
>> 2. docroot: /usr/services/vux/apache/htdocs
>> Notice the vast difference between __DIR__ and $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']!
>> They are not even close!

>They're not meant to be the same, I suggested using __DIR__ as you said 
>you had problems with $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], suggesting it was not set

$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] seems to be set to:
which is an invalid path on the server (run by Network Solutions)

The path reported by __DIR__ is:
and if I use this in an include statement it works just fine.

I have tested a lot of approaches and have concluded that this will in fact work
from *any* subdirectory on the website even very deep:

$rootdir= substr(__DIR__, 0, strpos( __DIR__, 'htdocs')) . 'htdocs';
include ($rootdir . '/php/logindata.php');
echo "Mail sender: " . $mailsender ;

The result when executing it from a newly created directory several levels below
htdocs is:
Mail sender: donald@xxxxxxxx

>* $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] should not be changing across scripts in a 
>website, suggesting the problem might be that it's not set to what you 
>think it is

It is not changing but it is set to an erroneous path.
I am not setting it, this is what PHP 7 supplies...

>* Confirm $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] is exactly what you think it should 
>be across both versions

It worked fine in PHP 5.3 on Network Solutions webhosting, but when I allowed an
upgrade to PHP 7 on the site it was no longer working correctly...

>If you go through the basic steps, you should see what the problem is.

I do not know what "basic steps" you are referring to but I think I have
outlined various tests I have done all giving the same result, i.e. if you are
in the document root and use __DIR__ then you get one result (the correct one)
but if you use $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] then you get a completely different
(and erroneous) result. The latter worked fine with PHP 5.3, has been running
for many years (about 8) without problems.

These problems only surfaced with the update to PHP 7.0.33 a week ago.

Maybe Network Solutions screwed up with their config of PHP 7?

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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