Re: How can I replace $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] in PHP 7.0?

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On Mon, 13 Sep 2021 22:21:50 +0100, Ashley Sheridan <ash@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>But going back to your original problem, are you sure that 
>$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] doesn't work? I've just tested on a PHP 7.2 
>system, and it does exist and points to the document root of the 
>specific website.

Running with PHP 7.0.33 I have tested with the following script located in
.../htdocs/log and with other php files in .../htdocs/php:

ini_set('display_errors', '1');	//Uncomment this if there are problems...

$phpdir=$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/php";

echo "<br>1. curdir: " . $curdir;
echo "<br>2. docroot: " . $docroot;
echo "<br>3. phpdir: " . $phpdir;
echo "<br>Testing includes:";
echo "<br>Mail sender= " . $mailsender ;
echo "<br>Set include: " . $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/php/logindata.php";
include ($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/php/logindata.php");
echo "<br>Mail sender from php dir= " . $mailsender ;
echo "<br>Set include: " . '../php/logindata.php';
include ('../php/logindata.php');
echo "<br>Mail sender from php dir= " . $mailsender ;

And the result comes out like this:

1. curdir: /data/25/2/158/91/2484743/user/2721122/htdocs/log
2. docroot: /usr/services/vux/apache/htdocs
3. phpdir: /usr/services/vux/apache/htdocs/php
Testing includes:
Mail sender=
Set include: /usr/services/vux/apache/htdocs/php/logindata.php
Mail sender from php dir=
Set include: ../php/logindata.php
Mail sender from php dir= donald@xxxxxxxx

Notice the vast difference between __DIR__ and $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']!
They are not even close!

The only working path is what I get from __DIR__ but then I have to somehow
reduce that to the document root (htdocs) and then tack on /php in order to get
to the proper include location.

But I have tried to use variables in include statements but they seem only to
accept constants, so I cannot even make a function to return the actual path to
htdocs and use that to set the include...

Without a possibility to get the correct path to htdocs it seems impossible to
create a php file which can be put in any site dir and still include files from
the htdocs/php directory.
This is what I need to do...

/usr/services/vux/apache/htdocs is NOT the same as

Only the latter works in include statements.

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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