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I posted my first contribution to the gallery in 1999 and have been posting ever since...if the list is in sad shape it's completely on the shoulders of contributors who are too busy to post...I try and post at least once a month...the list is a wonderful showcase of the myriad talents of the photographers who contribute and it would be a damn shame to see it fold...not that it matters but I'm 82 and my love of photography, especially Nature photography, is as strong as it was when I got my first 35mm camera at age 16...perhaps even stronger since the advent of deepest gratitude to Andy for persevering...

On 2/22/23 08:47, Randy Little wrote:
Wow, And that is all the response to that email? List is in sad shape. I was waiting to see how many people chimed in hoping it was going to be at least the stable of people who send stuff into the gallery.   

On Tue, Feb 21, 2023 at 5:09 PM Andrew Davidhazy <andpph@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Guy and PF list members,

Hard to believe PF has been around for so many years. Y'know ... it started as a conversation while returning from lunch and strolling on a school sidewalk. on a sidewalk ... partially as a result of trying to come up with ways to promote the school  worked at (and where the server is located) and partly as a service to photographers and students and others. It was originally planned to be called PhotoNet but I was dissuaded by a colleague because the name was being bandied about by a friend of his in the UK. Oh, well. PhotoNet eventually grew and expanded and am not sure it is at all connected with the UK instructors. Anyway, we had our ups and downs ... it has at times been challenging to keep the peace. Believe it or not in the early years the discussion volume caused members to leave. Something like 100 to 200 posts a day!! These days I appreciate all those of you who have "stuck it out" and am glad to be of "service". I must confess that at least the gallery gives me something positive to do every weekend - thank you.

I hope you all are well and have no major health problems. Of course a few laughs help as well.

Be well,


The list started in 1993 and the gallery in 1996.

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