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I’m getting emails about Steve’s page display problem, but unfortunately they’re not appearing here in the forum, so we can’t have a conversation about them.

As for the deckle edge thing, I have skillions of family photos from when I was a kid and they have deckled edges from the company that printed them (presumably Kodak).  They’re b&w.  The color ones largely don’t have the deckled edge.

I also have a special metal ruler which creates deckled edges by dragging the slightly damp paper the image is printed on over the edge of the metal strip.  I used it for a small line of images I was mounting on black mat board before framing.  I found it worked OK, but by using a Q tip to really wet the paper and letting the damp strip sit for a moment or two I then could gently slide the paper apart and I would get a true deckle instead of the curvy thing the commercial printer cut the sheets with.  I am quite certain the curvy fake deckle is simply a die cutter which severed each print as it came off the drier in the lab.

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will look into link problem and fix .

Interesting anecdote about UPS and the deckle edge! Thanks!



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