Re: 23/01/21 Review

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On 1/24/21 04:05, Pini Vollach wrote:


I enjoyed this week images and here are my few upsetting words… 

 Jim Snarski – Splashdown – The thumbnail promised good image of a bird with open wings and its reflection.
I appreciate catching the moment in this image but the final product seem to be very grainy.

I understand that there are technical difficulties like low light with high speed that demand high ISO.
It could be interesting to see the exposure details not only the camera and lens.

Hi Pini,

     thanks for your take on my photo...I do not find the grain objectionable at all...the image itself is way more important to me than the technological aspects of it...I care more about how a photo makes me feel...I do not usually include image data as it has no relevance to anyone's future work but as a matter of interest, the EXIF data for this shot is 1/2000 of a second at f 5.6 with an ISO of 6400...when I'm in the field I shoot in Manual mode and use Auto ISO...Auto ISO allows me to get images that would otherwise be problematical or unobtainable...

keep the critiques coming, they are always food for thought...


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