Re: PF gallery with new comment option on 08/22/2020

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I have to say . . . it's very pleasing to see comments about the Gallery photos.  

BUT, whereas before we usually had a single reply that mentioned several photographs, we now have one email for EACH photograph for which there is a comment.  At present, in my Inbox, I have sixteen emails, each one being a single comment or a single reply to a comment.  This increase, in addition to the FLOOD of emails with "special" offers accompanying Covid-related subjects is overwhelming (to me).  Couldn't we use the previous method? -- just hit Reply to the week's Gallery and include a single comment or several comments -- all in a single email? 


On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 12:57 PM Andrew Davidhazy <andpph@xxxxxxx> wrote:
The PhotoForum members' gallery/exhibit space was updated with 2 new photographs on August 22, 2020.
Authors with work now on display at:  include:             

. . .
There is a new feature available to send comments about the individual photographs as you peruse them online. It is a mailto link. Let's see if this works!!

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