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On Feb 12, 2020, at 6:12 PM, Kostas Papakotas <clenchedteethphotography@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

well, they are up for two weeks now....
So I wonder , how did you like them?

Assuming the color is accurate, and designed by the director or “stage” designer, they look like they should be an accurate representation of the situation, but there isn’t enough information for me to determine whether they represent the actual performance, or some sort of rehearsal.

Did you also take photographs of the faces?  Did you try to use any long exposures to illustrate how people got from the alcoves onto the floor?  Or why?  Were there other costumes or any effort to change costume when the time period changed in the script? Did you play with depth of field to illustrate relationships between the actors?

Was the play performed with the actors reading from the scripts?

In short the photos aren’t telling me much about what happened, unless, despite what sounds like an interesting script, the director chose to only do what you showed.


Emily L. Ferguson
New England landscapes, wooden boats and races

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