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elmarkivp wrote:
Hi, i'm trying to store files encrypted in postgres 8.3.4, using sym_encrypt_bytea function. this is quoted from the postgres8.3 documentation, thats was my guide, below is the php code i have used to make it, with no results and the respective errors. FROM F.20.3.1. pgp_sym_encrypt() pgp_sym_encrypt(data text, psw text [, options text ]) returns bytea pgp_sym_encrypt_bytea(data bytea, psw text [, options text ]) returns bytea Encrypt data with a symmetric PGP key psw. The options parameter can contain option settings, as described below.
F.20.3.2. pgp_sym_decrypt()
pgp_sym_decrypt(msg bytea, psw text [, options text ]) returns text pgp_sym_decrypt_bytea(msg bytea, psw text [, options text ]) returns bytea


ERRORS: ERROR: No function matches the given name and argument types. You might need to add explicit type casts ERROR: function pgp_sym_encrypt_bytea(unknown, integer, unknown) does not exist

pgcrypto is a contrib module in pg 8.3 (ie not built in by default). Did you install the module?

There are instructions on how to do that here:

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