Re: binary cursor returning truncated data

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Is this issue still open?

Some guys say me that they experience similar troubles and this may
prevent them from migrating from OneBigWellKnownDBMS to Postgres.

On 4/18/06, Eric Mauvière <e.mauviere@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Christopher,

i simply want to retrieve the content of a binary field in a Postgresql
table, and use that information in a PHP script.
That binary field contains binary information that must be read with PHP
binary functions (unpack).

The current way : POSTGRES cursor -> text version of the binary field in
PHP -> conversion back to a binary string with pg_unescape_bytea
is tedious and brings performance issues.

best regards,

Eric Mauvière

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Subject: Re: [PHP] binary cursor returning truncated data

>> for that confirmation
>> I reported the bug to the PHP team, and they issued a patch.
>> I would also suggest to postgres developpers to simplify their code and
>> go back to SQL standards :)
>> That BINARY CURSOR thing should be avoided. With MySQL for instance, a
>> cursor will read the same way any type of data, binary or text.
> I think you're rather confused.  The BINARY CURSOR is for emitted binary
> data, not reading it.  If you declare a normal cursor over a binary
> (bytea) field, you will get its text representation quite happily.
> Chris
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Best regards,

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