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Hi again...
I'm confused
I have this table:
CREATE TABLE jugeninno
 nrt_nino rut NOT NULL,
 dgv_ninno char(1),
 nom_ninno varchar(50),
 ape_ninno varchar(50),
 num_mesna int4,
 num_annon int4,
 gls_sexo char(1),
 nrt_adult varchar(10),
 dgv_adult char(1),
 nom_adult varchar(50),
 gls_domic varchar(50),
 num_orgso int4,
 flg_inclu char(1),
 CONSTRAINT jugeninno_pkey PRIMARY KEY (nrt_nino)

Then in php a query like this???
$query="PREPARE agregar_data(varchar(10), char(1), varchar(50),
varchar(50), int4, int4, char(1), varchar(10), char(1),
varchar(50), varchar(50), int4, char(1)) AS
	INSERT INTO jugeninno(nrt_nino, dgv_ninno, nom_ninno, ape_ninno,
num_mesna, num_annon, gls_sexo,
 nrt_adult, dgv_adult, nom_adult, gls_domic, num_orgso, flg_inclu)

take the post variables and execute with pg_execute()

pg_execute ($conn1,"select
This is ok???
After what????

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