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I had some similar problems getting the postgre library to become
available to PHP.  The issue I was having was that I didn't realise
the order of which the server will look for the php.ini file (I
thought it was simply looking in the PATH directories), such as the
list I will provide for future reference:

    1.PHPIniDir directive (Apache 2 module only)
    3. The PHPRC environment variable
    4. Directory of PHP (for CLI), or the web server's directory (for
      SAPI modules)
    5. Windows directory (C:\windows or C:\winnt)

My problem was that Apache was set to look in a directory that
contained a completly default php.ini file.

On 2/3/06, Przemek Kowalczyk <> wrote:
> On 03/02/06, Randy Moller <zoomerz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Actually, the php_pgsql.dll file does NOT natively install on the windows
> > CGI distribution. If you installed using the "installer", then download the
> > zip distribution and extract the dll from the ext folder.
> >
> > Next, if you haven't already done so, uncomment the extension line on
> > php.ini, and you should be good to go.
> >
> > If you installed originally from the zip/tar/rar file, then it should be
> > there, yes.
> >
> > Hope this helps.
> It does not work.  Does it matter if I install it as cgi binary or
> apache module? I tried both.  The php.ini files get read because I can
> see the extension_dir changing for example.
> I tried uncommenting the mysql dll in php.ini for fun and and I don't
> see anything about mysql in phpinfo.php
> Could this be because my drive is F instead of c? No that's stupid eh?
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