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I agree with your point, but am still of the opinion that setting up
your own configuration will be reclaimed down the line when you need
to change your configuration, and you have that extra bit of
familiarity. If you still want to go down the package route, there are
plenty of *free* equivilants to this, it's just that most don't
include PostgreSQL.

Try something like WAMP:

And then install PostgreSQL using the Windows installer - It doesn't
get much easier than that!

Best of luck!

On 12/12/05, Sho Cki <shocki2003@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thank you Neil for your answer.
> You're right I can save 29$ by installing all the stuff myself. But as I
> don't like spending hours putting all together I was curious to know if it
> does the work well.
> I see it like a commercial Linux distribution: I buy the distribution even
> if it relies on free software because otherwise it would be too long time
> for me.
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