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--- Dave Wayne <davewayne@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Does anyone know if there is a good guide for
> setting up php to connect to postgres under windows?
> I've set up postgres, however the PConnect function
> fails for some reason. 
> Any help would be appriecated


Check out this link...

for my attempt to create a tutorial to isntall
Apache2, PHP5 and PGSQL8 on WinXP.

the links are for pdf files and they are about a meg
each.  the webhost only allows a limited amount of
transfer bandwidth, so be sure to return if the limit
is exceeded.

I would also suggest that others not check the links
unless they are actively trying this install - at
least until Dave is able to download the files.

I will get the instructions up via a web page, but it
proved to be difficult using geocities.

Do fweel free to offer suggestions and point out
errors of any kind.

Good luck,


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