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Ocado Technology is looking for several DBAs with solid Postgres to run, manage and migrate a number of Postgres Instances.

In the Ocean Infrastructure division, we're in the process of building our in house DBaaS service running on OpenStack, with the intention to push out to AWS and other cloud providers, and are intending to migrate our legacy PostgreSQL instances to that platform. In time we'd like to migrate as much of our Oracle infrastructure off that platform to Postgres as well. These are system that have to work well as they back much of our existing hardware in our original warehouses.

In Dataservices we have the brave new world of cloud first services backing all our new systems and the critical infrastructure for the systems we provide to our customers, for their warehouses and deliveries. We're expanding fast, and have tight schedules to meet, all the while providing safe, secure, and timely database services to our developers and production teams. 

We're looking for people  who can help us build the robust backends that are necessary for 21st century supply chain, and will take ownership of their part of it to deliver reliable persistence to the next layer.

We're looking for:
Problem-solvers with a sense of ownership. 
Excellent communication skills, within and between teams.
In-depth experience of Postgres, with an understanding of why you might chose cloud or metal and what the costs and benefits are.
Strong automation skills with Unix Scripting and preferably Python.

Openstack / AWS or other cloud based development
K8S and containers

Ocado Technology Head Office, Hatfield, UK. 

Further details are in the links attached

Any questions, please contact me <caitriona.smith@xxxxxxxxx>, or Andrew Cook <andrew.cook@xxxxxxxxx>

Kit Smith
PostgreSQL DBA

Buildings One & Two, Trident Place, Mosquito Way, Hatfield, AL10 9UL

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