Hiring Full time Senior Postgres Database Admin and Analyst- Texas (will pay for relocation)

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Full time Senior Postgres Database Admin and Analyst

Location: North of Houston Texas in The Woodlands,  77382

Relocation costs covered
Salary: DOE
For further information please email resume to Julie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
No 3rd parties will be considered.

Position Description

Nexus Recruiter is looking for someone to focus on the design, administration and data analysis of our clients PostgreSQL database. The ideal candidate is a performance junkie that enjoys logically debating naming conventions. Data relationships matter to you and so does the intelligence they produce.

Tech Stack

We believe in using the right tool for the job, but also keeping the number of tools to a minimum. Simplicity, durability and maintainability are all core principles we use when evaluating what technologies to incorporate into our stack. Our current software stack runs on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the following software:

  • Operating System: Ubuntu (Linux)

  • Primary application language: Golang

  • User interface (web): HTML / CSS / JS

  • Data stores: PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch

About You

  • 5+ years experience with PostgreSQL.

  • A strong understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of relational datastores and document datastores.

  • Obsessed with trying to achieve data normalization.

  • Naming conventions are important to you.

  • You have experience working with and designing multi-tenant environments.

  • Experience with HIPPA is a plus.

Your Responsibilities

  • Database schema design.

  • Prepared statement query design.

  • Query performance analysis.

  • Business intelligence query development.

  • Database administration and disaster recovery design.

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