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Last time I posted to this mailing list was 2012-07-20. Thanks to that email,
I ended up recruiting one of the smartest guys and best developers I've ever met in life.

So let's try the same method again and see what we end up with this time!

Trustly Group AB is a Swedish financial institute under the supervision
of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Trustly processes
millions of physical bank transactions on behalf of its clients.

The entire back-end system at Trustly is written using stored procedures
in PostgreSQL, mainly PL/pgSQL but also pure SQL and PL/perl.

Trustly has successfuly been using PostgreSQL since 2008, and
managed to add new services, banks, countries, currencies,
customers and external payment processors to its system, without
outgrowing PostgreSQL to do all the bookkeeping and business logic.

Relocation to Stockholm is be necessary, but it's a great place
so shouldn't be a problem for any sane person.

Please drop an email to joel(at)trustly(dot)com if you think you qualify.


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