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This position can be located in Hood River or Portland, Oregon

Centroy is a successful, fast-moving technology startup that develops an online team collaboration platform for businesses to use as an Extranet or Intranet site. We're looking for some smart folks to join our team. Centroy is looking to hire a full-time DBA in Hood River, Oregon. 

Job includes:
  - Being part of level 3 technical support as needed.
  - Having knowledge in how to respond to database problems during off hours.
  - Be able to automate existing processes to produce scalability.
  - Be main contact for questions about databases from technical engineers.
  - Be on top of problems before they become problems

The ideal candidate will have a strong working knowledge with: 
  - Linux
  - Amazon Web Services
  - Postgres
  - Puppet
  - Performance turning

Don Sanders 
Recruiting Manager, Centroy

email: don@xxxxxxxxxxx
phone: 888-789-5904 x 55

Centroy Jobs <>     

Website <>   

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