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I have two openings for people under me to create a formal
DBA team at Intermedix.  The positions are for the Intermedix
office in Pittsburgh, PA ... we're not considering telecommuting
at this time.  I don't know if we're offering relocation assistance,
contact me if that's important to you.

We're primarily a PostgreSQL shop, but we have a mix of database
backends, including a few MySQL and the ubuiquitous MSSQL.

Our typical recruiting channels are not turning up the kinds of
candidates we're looking for, and I'm rather kicking myself for
not sending an email out to this list earlier.

Someone with at least 5 years experience who has skills in some
or all of the following would be ideal:
* Working with developers to help applications make better use
  of the database.
* Redesiging schemas to be better and planning out the migration
* Keeping databases larger than 1T performing acceptably.
* Designing policies and procuedures for database operations.
* Implementing database security in an industry with a large
  amount of government regulation. (we have a lot of medical
  billing data)
* Experience with both data warehouse style systems and OLTP
* Experience with ETL.

I'm looking for someone who already has a good bit of experience
under their belt, but is also interested in learning new things.
The state of data management at Intermedix is terrible, and I've
finally got approved to build a team to fix it ... now I just
need the right people.

If you're interested, please send your resume to me at this

Bill Moran <wmoran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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