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On Thu, Mar 7, 2024 at 7:43 AM ROHIT SACHDEVA <sachdeva.rohit648@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Team,

I have a setup in which there is one main database and one sharded database.
Seeing the requirement regarding MIS, we plan to have a read replica of this setup, so we launch two read replicas, one for the main database and another for the sharded database.
Now that I want to change the hostname in Postgres fdw in a read replica,

But keep the Primary definition of shard_stg the same as it was?

I am getting this error:.
ALTER SERVER shard_stg OPTIONS (SET host 'hostanme', SET port '5432');

ERROR: cannot execute ALTER SERVER in a read-only transaction
SQL state: 25006

Can anyone let me know how to change the read replica to write so that I can execute this query once?

Changing a Read Replica to writable mode means that it's not a Read Replica anymore.

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