Re: Use AD-account as login into Postgres.

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We prefer that you don't top-post on the PG mailing lists, thanks.

* Gabriel Guillem Barceló Soteras (gbarcelo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Still, in Windows environments, PostgreSQL uses a separated keytab in filesystem.
> This is *nix-fashioned way to give an identity to the process.
> Windows native way would be service with MSA/gMSA identoty configured (or computter account i.e. NETWORK SERVICE) , but I think that is not possible...

There's a detailed explanation of how to do this here:

> pg_hba.conf
> hostgssenc all pg_user@dom.internal<mailto:pg_user@dom.internal> gss include_realm=1 krb_realm=DOM.INTERNAL
> Then, on postgres.conf (*NIX or Windows)

This might be what is tripping you up- we don't yet support
GSSAPI/Kerberos encrypted connections when using SSPI (which is what
you're using on Windows).  I hope to propose a patch to implement that
but it's not yet in PG.

Try instead:

host all all gss include_realm=1 krb_realm=DOM.INTERNAL

> Note that I have not touched pg_ident.conf, and created a login instead...

Yes, you'll need to create the user in PostgreSQL.



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