Re: Use AD-account as login into Postgres.

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* Holger Jakobs (holger@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> SSPI using AD accounts for authentication works only in a complete Windows
> environment. The client and the server machine have to be member of the same
> AD environment, which isn't possible for non-Windows machines. Otherwise,
> there is no trust between the machines.

This isn't accurate- you can certainly have cross-realm trust between
Windows and non-Windows realms and you can also have non-Windows systems
joined to a Windows realm.  On the Windows systems, this uses SSPI, and
on the non-Windows systems it uses GSSAPI, but the two are compatible
and will work with each other just fine for authentication.

> An automatic creation of PostgreSQL roles from AD accounts has to be done
> outside PostgreSQL, i. e. by a script running regularly.

This is accurate, thoguh there are tools out there to do this for you,
such as:



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