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Allow resume of failed backup.
Defines whether the resume feature is enabled. Resume can greatly reduce the amount of time required to run a backup after a previous backup of the same type has failed. It adds complexity, however, so it may be desirable to disable in environments that do not require the feature.

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Subject: Backup solution over unreliable network
Date: 2018–11–30 10:17:27
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Hello, we've been running our backup solution for the last 5 months to a second site which has an unreliable network connection. We had problems with barman, since it doesn't support backup resume, also no option to disable the replication slot, in the sense, that it is better to sacrifice the backup rather than fill up the primary with WALs and bring the primary down. Another issue is now supporting entirely backing up from the secondary. With barman this is not possible, streaming (or archiving) must originate from the primary.So I want to ask two things here :
  • Backing up to a remote site over an unreliable channel is a limited use case by itself, it is useful for local PITR restores on specific tables/data, or in case the whole primary suffers a disaster.
    Is there any other benefit that would justify building a solution for it?
  • I have only read the best reviews about PgBackRest, can PgBackRest address those issues?

Thank you! –
Achilleas Mantzios
Dynacom Tankers Mgmt


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