Re: Segmentation fault when running queries in sequence

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On 24/9/23 09:56, Tom Lane wrote:
Matt Gibbins <matt_gibbins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
When I launch gdb for stack trace on the server the process hangs.
If you mean you're attaching gdb to the active server process, yes
that would stop execution.  You could just say "continue" and
wait for the segfault to occur.

			regards, tom lane


Thanks for that

I launched gdb on the server with sudo gdp -p <port>.

Launched the client on the remote connection then executed continue in the gdb prompt on the server.

Initial response


Program received signal SIGUSR1, User defined signal 1.

I executed continue and the gdb reported '[Detaching after fork from child process 2790431]' for several sequences and the remote process then crashed.

No further information available other than 'Detaching after fork...'.



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