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Hi, I have this issue and now I’m just wasting time. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?


I’d like to subtract a column timestamp hour from current hour to give me hours elapased.


How do I do this easily?


I think I’ve tried every combination of types and casting.


Thanks in advance.




               add column matt_time timestamp with time zone default current_timestamp;


2. select matt_time FROM matt;


2023-06-22 14:31:16.548622-04 timestamp with time zone


3. Select (date_part('hour', current_timestamp)::INT - date_part('hour', matt_time)::INT) FROM matt


0 (same hour, so 0 is OK) INT


4. ALTER TABLE auto_auth.matt

               ADD column matt_hour INT  GENERATED ALWAYS AS (date_part('hour', current_timestamp)::INT - date_part('hour', matt_time)::INT) stored       


               ERROR:  generation _expression_ is not immutable

SQL state: 42P17



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